Mr. Marc Donatell: An Investigation Of Threats

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As you may know, I represent Mr. Marc Donatelli in any and all actions that he may have against XXXXXX for that entity’s efforts (or lack thereof) regarding its investigation of threats and harassment directed at Mr. Donatelli by Ms. Patience Rhoades, a known prostitute, and her cohorts. For several months, Mr. Donatelli has been harassed and threatened by friends and family of Ms. Rhoades after she turned to Mr. Donatelli for help, but left inappropriately. This began in Lewisville, Texas. My client has asked me to inform you that he has sent packets of evidence to each of the agencies depicted below. In doing so, he sincerely hopes to put his dispute with Ms. Rhoades to rest.

Mr. Donatelli has been seeking help for the past sixteen months and has spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to put an end to this issue. My client has attempted to reach out to multiple agencies, asking for an investigation into the computer hacking and remoting of several computers, cell-phone remoting, home phone tampering, online harassment, threats of violence, and continued problems with Ms. Rhoades, but to date, no agency has assisted him.

Further, my client strongly believes that Ms. Rhoades’ father may be a federal agent and may be using his supposed position/power to attack Mr. Donatelli and his family. Mr. Donatelli has collected evidence that lends …show more content…

Donatelli has hired a team of experts, including but not limited to, and independent Law Enforcement Analyst, IT professionals and private investigators, in order to review his evidence in this matter Such experts have advised him to submit his evidence to the following agencies, including but not limited to: FBI, FBI Cyber Crimes, The U.S Justice Department in D.C Civil Liberties Division, The A.C.L.U, The States Attorney General’s Office and City Internal Affairs Division. Mr. Donatelli has included a seven-hundred and ten-page package of evidence to each agency that includes facts and evidence about this

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