Personal Narrative: Amanda V.

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On Sunday 01/08/17 at 0312 hours I was dispatched to a physical domestic at 1551 8th ST NE apartment #A in the City of Auburn, King Co, WA. Dispatch advised the reporting person, Amanda Silverman, stated she there was a physical fight with pushing between she and her ex-boyfriend, Kalvin Rutagengwa. I met with Amanda outside her apartment. Amanda said at about 0210 hours Kalvin, who she had been dating for the past year and half, came to her residence. Amanda explained Kalvin did not live with her, but he was invited tonight. Amanda said as soon as Kalvin came inside the residence he began arguing with her about her roommate's girlfriend's vehicle being parked in his usual parking spot. Amanda said Kalvin was yelling at her, and calling her …show more content…

Because Amanda pushed Kalvin and ripped his jacket by grabbing hold of it, there was probable cause to arrest Amanda for RCW 9A.36.041 DV Assault 4th Degree. I advised Amanda she was under arrest and Officer Michels placed her into handcuffs. I advised Amanda of her Constitutional Rights from my pre-printed Miranda card. I asked Amanda if she understood her rights and she stated "yes". While arresting Amanda, she stated she needed belongings from inside, such as a coat and her driver's license, to go to jail with her. While inside Amanda's apartment I observed there were items strewn about the apartment to include broke glass in the downstairs bathroom. Officer Michels took photographs of Kalvin, Amanda, and the apartment, which were later copied to the V:drive. I completed a criminal citation #7Z0095302 for Amanda for DV Assault 4. I provided Amanda with a copy and included a copy in the case jacket. I completed a DV supplemental form and included it in the case jacket. This case is cleared by adult arrest and is being forwarded to the City of Auburn Prosecutors Office for

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