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If you search, “Who is the most hated mom in America,” you will find the name Casey Anthony. Casey Anthony was one of the biggest names in 2008 when her 2 year old daughter Caylee Anthony went missing and eventually was found dead. All of America knew Casey was guilty of the murder but was found not guilty in 2011.
The story of Caylee Anthony starts on June 16th 2008. Casey Anthony was a single mother that lived with her daughter Caylee and her parents George and Cindy Anthony. According to George Anthony, that day started off as a regular day. Casey got ready for work while George and Caylee sat down and ate breakfast. George then put Caylee into her car seat, kissed her goodbye and Casey drove off. Casey told both her parents that they would …show more content…

Days turned into week and Casey and Caylee never returned back to their grandparent’s house. Cindy Anthony called Casey asking where they have been. Casey told her that they were both in Tampa for a conference. A couple more days passes and Cindy called again asking where Caylee is. Caylee never seemed to be around when Cindy and Casey were on the phone. She was either with friends, or with the nanny, even at the beach. Cindy and George began to panic because in the two years Caylee was alive she never spent a full day away from her grandparents. On June 30th Casey Anthony’s car gets towed because it had been sitting by a garbage bin for some time. Time goes by and Casey is still telling her family that they are busy, that they are away, Caylee is with someone else, and more excuses. July 15th the Anthony family gets a card in the mail saying their car been towed. That same day George and Cindy go and pick up the car where they have been told that it had been sitting there since June 30th. When George approaches the car and the odor of the car hits them. When opening the truck of the car they see it is just a bag of garbage. Both Cindy and George agreed that it smelled worse …show more content…

While on hold you hear Cindy threatening Casey to bring her to court. She then starts talking again to police that she is possibly reporting a missing child that has been gone for thirty one days. The first 911 call is confusing because she wants Casey arrested for stealing a car and money. The police officer and Cindy do not go back to the important information of the missing child. The receptionist give her the option of waiting for a deputy to come or to go back to her house and have them meet her there. Cindy decides to go back home with Casey. Shortly after they arrived back at the house the second 911 call is made. The second time still made my Cindy stating the same story and deputies are on the way to the house. Time goes by and the third 911 call is made by Cindy but more panicked stating that Casey finally admitted that Caylee had been taken by the nanny, Zanita Fernandez Gonzalez. In this call she also tells dispatcher that she found her daughters car and it smelled like something died in the car. When the dispatcher asks Cindy to put Casey on the phone she tells them that she has nothing to say but eventually gets on the phone and says that her daughter Caylee is missing.(Grace,

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