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The Unsolved Murder of Caylee Anthony In the year of 2008, there were 1,494 child homicides in the United States. Of those killed, 1,035 were male and 452 were female. The sad part is that at least a half of those children, their families never seeked justice. In other words, the killer of these kids were either not found or the murder could have been found not guilty with in a court. That is the case with Caylee Marie Anthony. Nine years ago, of the little girls in which was killed was two year old, Caylee. And her main suspected killer was able to walk following two and a half years later. Caylee Anthony was the daughter of Casey Anthony, age nineteen when born, and with a father who was both unknown to the court …show more content…

Two year old Caylee was not alive long enough to become potty trained, have her first day of school, first boyfriend, love and even heartbreak. Caylee Anthony’s life was cut too short and had missed out on so much. Who could have the nerve to kill an innocent little girl? Who was the decency to murder a child? What kind of mother decides to not own up to her responsibilities as a mother, and completely act as if she doesn’t have a kid? The answer, screwed up people. People who all they know how to do is lie and perform lie after lie, people such as mother, Casey Anthony. The death of Caylee had woken up America and as stated, had left people searching all over for her. The disappearance of her was broadcasted on all major and minor television shows, internet websites, magazines, and so much more. Everyone, and I mean everyone, knew about the disappearance and murder of Caylee. Caylee was a sweet innocent little girl who probably was scared and terrified. And, many of you may assume that Casey could have been terrified and was actually innocent. But, she wasn’t, nothing about Casey was innocent.

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