What Is Wayne Williams Unsolved Case

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The Atlanta Child Murders is an unsolved case in a way. Simply because no one was ever convicted of the murders of the young boys that were located in Atlanta over a span of two years. However, Wayne Williams was the prime suspect in the murders of the children, but was only convicted of murdering two adult men. The method of killing the young boys was by strangulation as well as the two adults. Wayne Williams was spotted on a bridge by a stake out team after a loud splash was heard in the river. Wayne Williams was stopped and questioned, to which he gave an alibi which turned out to be null and void since the address and phone number he gave did not exist. This caused a deeper investigation to insue. Including multiple polygraph tests which …show more content…

Of course the defense would argue that the fibers could have belonged to anyone’s home or vehicle. What made it possible after a 2 year killing spree for Wayne Williams to be caught is he changed up his routine. Bodies were being located in wooded areas prior to him putting bodies into the river in Atlanta. Therefore, police officers began to stake out around bridges. That is when a loud splash is heard and Wayne Williams is observed driving away from the sound. At the time the only thing officers could do was question him, but at the time did not have any probable cause to effect an arrest, only reasonable suspicion. During the investigation it was observed on Wayne Williams face and arms to have scratches, which can be consistent to defensive wounds when a person fights back. According to Blanco, there are eyewitnesses that observed Wayne Williams with some of the victims. The biggest pieces of evidence linking Wayne Williams to the murders he was convicted of was the fibers located on the victims, that matched the same fibers that were found in the car and home of his parents. Additionally, the child victims did have hair located on them that was 98 percent match to Wayne Williams. However, since there was the 2 percent of uncertainty, that would be enough to cause

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