Wayne Williams Fiber Evidence Essay

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The fiber evidence presented in this case was so overwhelming and simply was the driving force leading to Wayne Williams conviction. I do not believe the prosecution would have been able to obtain the same results without it. The credibility of the FBI forensics investigators and their reputable crime lab made for excellent testimony concerning the fiber evidence at trail, which the defense was simply ill prepared to counter attack its merits (The Atlanta, n.d.). Other evidence was presented in this case, and much of this evidence while certainly impactful on the case and to members of the jury, this evidence alone without the fiber evidence would surely not have held up to the standard of beyond a reasonable doubt. Some of the other …show more content…

Williams German Sheppard (The Atlanta, n.d.). There were also witness who testified that they seen substantial cuts and scratches on Williams during the times when the murders had been discovered, suggesting there may have been a struggle between Williams and some of his victims (The Atlanta, n.d.). Other witnesses told jury members that Williams was seen with some of the victims prior to their deaths (The Atlanta, n.d.). The prosecution was also able to show blood evidence found in Williams’ car matched some of the victims (The Atlanta, n.d.). Also, there were witnesses whose testimony suggested Williams was sexually attracted to young black boys and used this to lure his victims by offering them money for sexual favors (The Atlanta, n.d.). Finally, Wayne Williams took the stand and testified, which resulted in very unfavorable attention from the jury (The Atlanta, n.d.). His angry and combative demeanor on the witness stand left jury members with little sympathy (The Atlanta, n.d.). It only took the jury approximately ten hours to deliberate and reach a guilty verdict, however, if the fiber evidence was not presented I do not believe the deliberation would have been so quick and most likely would have resulted in a not guilty

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