What Is The Darryl Hunt Trial

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Clifton Jean Baptiste Date: October 26, 2017 Class: CRJ 425 Professor: In the documentary that we watched Darryl Hunt was a man of many things but not murder. He was a man that was miss identified and claimed he was innocent of murdering and raping Deborah Sykes. Even though he said he was innocent throughout the trial and the retrials he was still convicted of being a rapist and a murder. His life was turned around for 19 years. Life for this man was hard because there was so little that he can battle, there was a lot of mistakes in his trial. He should have never been wrongfully convicted for these crimes, the evidence was circumstantial at best in my opinion. There was not a shred of evidence that can really lead to them saying that it was Darryl hunt. He was trying to make a life with a wonderful woman that loved him who also knew he was wrongfully accused. A convicted witness was being paid to say that it was Darryl hunt that killed Deborah Sykes. From having a prostitute that had a large drug addiction and wanted to get out of being in a mental place. The black community …show more content…

I think that emotion and false testimony was a big part of this guilty verdict. Having mostly white jurors did not help too. I think that the jury mostly looked at his background and what the prosecution was feeding to them and the emotional effect it had on the victim’s mother. A trial should not be consisting of having to hear that the mother wants justice and that she thinks it is really Darrell hunt to the fact that another black man said he saw Darryl Hunt committing the crime and then try to say that he did not know who Darryl Hunt was. It was shocking to hear that evidence was just someone saying I saw this person committing the crime instead of having actual proof and DNA to back all of that up. I also think that there was no type of actual detective work done by the detective on the

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