Jonathan Andrew Cade Is Not Guilty Of Murder

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Ladies and gentleman of the jury, Jonathan Andrew Cade is not guilty of murder. Johnny Cade was just 16 when he died. A mere boy, who went through a lot in his short years of existence. Johnny lived in an abusive household, and in his family he went unnoticed and uncared for. He felt he was not really part of his family- an outcast. The only time Johnny was ever noticed, was when his father was being abusive towards him. These actions traumatized Johnny, to the point of not truly trusting anyone at all. Johnny was a young boy who had already given up hope for love and acceptance at such a young age. Ignored by his family Johnny still kept living and found a family in his “gang”. Johnny, as part of the gang also witnessed his friends being beaten up by “socs”, or rich kids from the southside of town. Killing Robert Sheldon was an action taken by fear, love, self defense, and acceptance. …show more content…

Robert Sheldon and his group of friends pulled up to the park where Johnny and Pony were. Robert and his friends jumped them and started to beat them up. Johnny only attacked Robert Sheldon, a “soc”, out of self defense. Johnny had already been jumped by Robert once before, and he did not have anything to defend himself. However this time he did and he used it. Since the first attack, Johnny always carried around a six inch switchblade because he feared that he may be jumped again. Johnny acted out of self defense. He was merely protecting himself, because he did not want to die nor to see his best friend get

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