12 Angry Men Interview Analysis

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12 Angry Men Interview Interview script: Juror No. 8 [The interviewer stands and greets Juror No. 8. He takes off his coat and sits down.] Interviewer: [smiling gently] Hello No. 8, how are you? Thank you very much for taking your time off to have this interview. No. 8: No worries… It really has been one of my goals to spend the time to clearly explain to the public what happened in that jury room. [smiles mildly] Interviewer: Ok let’s get started. So can you tell me what really happened in that room? No. 8: [looking at the window] Well we… oh yeah, we started off with an initial vote and everyone voted guilty except for me. Everyone wanted to vote guilty even without taking their time to consider and think of other outcomes. We can say that…show more content…
8: I think that… as a juror… we have to really think, we have to think about all the evidence, about all the outcomes. Well if I voted guilty at the initial vote, we would’ve let the boy die but as a juror being given jury duty… one of the highest duties of citizenship… is a big duty and being trusted and chosen to have a person’s life in your hands is just way too much pressure to handle and is one of the hardest things to do in your own lifetime and a one of a lifetime experience that you will just never forget. I would say that a case like this takes so much time and needs to have a proper moral to end up with the right…show more content…
No. 8: Yes, I do… [sighing and shaking head slowly] It was hard and some of the jurors were just hard headed, we were starting to think that we were a hung jury but in the end, we came to a unanimous conclusion that the boy is not guilty. Interviewer: One last thing, do you have any problems or opinions with today’s jury system? No. 8: I think that the jury system we have today has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, a jury that consists of jurors who are biased could be manipulated by ‘outsiders’ through bribery or some jurors, as we have discussed before, might have some personal prejudices/beliefs that may affect their decision making. But there are some advantages as well because the decision that is made by the jury is thought out very carefully by a group of people. Interviewer: [gathers all his papers] Thank you very much No. 8! You did your part in the community and you did it well. I hope that it is truly an opportunity that will change you for a better person and one that you will never forget. No. 8: [smiling] You are most welcome! I hope that we really opened your mind up and I hope that we really cleared out what happened in that

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