12 Angry Men Case Study

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In a New York City, an 18-year-old male from a slum is on a trial claiming that he is responsible for his father death by stabbing him
After both sides has finished their closing argument in the trial, the judge asks the jury to decide whether the boy is guilty or not
The judge informs the jury decided the boy is guilty, he will face a death sentence as a result of this trial

The jurors went into the private room to discuss about this case. At the first vote, all jurors vote guilty apart from Juror 8 (Henry Fonda), he was the only one who voted “Note Guilty”

Juror 8 told other jurors that they should discuss about this case before they put a boy into a death sentence
Other jurors feel annoyed after listening to Juror 8 statements. …show more content…

The boy should deserve a careful discussion from jurors before face the result of the trial and he emphases that there were only two people who saw the whole process of the murder stabbing the boy’s dad

Juror 8 questioned the weapon which claim to kill father, which is a normal switchblade that even juror 8 owns one himself
Juror 8 told other jurors to revote, and if this time 11 jurors still think that the boy is guilty, then he will go with them and say that the boy is guilty too
One person voted “Not Guilty” at the second …show more content…

Juror 11 switched to “Not Guilty”

Juror 8 questioned the second point: The elderly man claim that he heard the father falling down the floor, and he ran to the door of his apartment and the elderly man saw the boy(Defendant) running away from the the crime scene apartment to his apartment in 15 seconds

Jurors 5,6,8 also think that that the elderly man second claim is not possible physical because they all know that the witness has stroke diseases, so 15 seconds is not possible for his ability to walk around the apartment

Juror 8 conclude that the elderly witness assume that the person was the defendant and the witness is not actually 100% sure that that male is the boy/defendants
Juror 3” He’s got to burn! He’s slipping through our fingers!”
Juror 8 told Juror 3 that he wants the boy to die because of his own desire rather than the actual

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