Analytical Essay On 12 Angry Men

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The Power of Three Perspectives One can be easily mislead or persuade in a direction they do not agree with. However this is not the case with Juror 8 (Mr. Davis) in the film 12 Angry Men. In this film, twelve jurors try to identify whether or not the convicted eighteen year-old boy is guilty of murdering his father with a switchblade knife. If the puerto-rican boy is found guilty, he will be sent to the electric chair and sentenced to death. The movie begins in the humid jury room by taking a vote to see whether or not the boy is guilty: eleven guilties and one not guilty. At this point Mr. Davis (the only not guilty vote) could have easily switched his vote and sentenced the boy to death, however he did not. This is where some men get aggravated. This film shows the many ways the men try to persuade one another to change their vote through the characters of Mr. Davis (Juror 8), Juror 4, and Mr. McCardle (Juror 9). Juror 8 is the most significant persuader is the entire jury. He is the only person who believes the boy is not guilty. He makes several points that justify his reasoning. The first major point he makes is the switchblade knife. During the trial the prosecution assumed that that knife was one of a kind and no other person could have a knife like that. Juror 8 took it into his own hands to prove the prosecution wrong and purchase the same knife at a …show more content…

He is a rational stockbroker who analyzes the case from every angle. He focused on facts and not much else. His verdict was guilty throughout the majority of the movie. His reasoning was the lady who claimed to see the puerto-rican boy kill his father from out her window across the street. He said that all the other evident could be thrown out due to this evidence. His point made others question their not guilty verdict. One man even changed his mind back to guilty. This man is obviously very knowledgeable, however he missed some key parts to the

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