The Justice System In Twelve Angry Men

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The justice system that relies on twelve individuals reaching a life-or-death decision has many complications and dangers. The play Twelve Angry Men, by Reiginald Rose, illustrates the dangers of a justice system that relies on twelve people reaching a life-or-death decision because people are biased, they think of a jury system as an inconvenience, and many people aren’t as intelligent as others. The first reason why Reiginald illustrates dangers is because people can be biased or they can stereotype the defendant. The Jurors in Twelve Angry Men relate to this because a few of them were biased and several of them stereotyped the defendant for being from the slums. The defendant in this play was a 19 year old kid from the slums. This makes Juror number three from the play was biased because he …show more content…

This is a danger because if someone already had plans or something to do they might not try as hard because they want to leave. Juror seven from the play thought the jury system was an inconvenience. He stated in the play; “ This better be fast. I have tickets to the The Seven Year Itch tonight.” (Reiginald 314). Therefore, he tried to make the trial go faster by voting with the side with the most votes. My family in the real world also had to go through inconvenience of the jury duty. My cousin had her first prom and my Aunt got called for jury duty. She couldn’t help her daughter do her hair, makeup, and get pictures. My moms friend also had a conflict with the jury duty. She bought tickets to a concert and had to miss it to serve jury duty. The whole time while serving jury duty she voted with whichever side had the most votes so it would go faster. If someone has a conflict or inconvenience while they attend jury duty they will be more likely to not try as hard because they would want it to end sooner so they could possibly make it to whatever they had

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