Evidence Essays

  • Richard III Evidence

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    century England was, evidence, whether factual or fabricated, plays a vitally important role in the plots carried out by the nobility. Consequently, evidence has an important role in Shakespearian drama. Throughout the play Richard III, examples of different types of evidence can be found, and these examples, from Acts I through III, constitute some of the major sections where evidence plays an important role in developing the plot of the drama. An example of the use of evidence in Act I is found in

  • Evidence: The Four Main Types Of Evidence

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    Evidence is the means by which the court is informed of the facts on dispute between the parties, as set out in their pleadings. Upon that evidence, the court decides the issues of fact. The four main types of evidence available to prove the facts in issue are documentary evidence; evidence of witnesses of fact; evidence of expert witnesses; and real evidence. Documentary evidence is produced in almost every civil action. The public documents such as birth, marriage, or death certificates. The private

  • Pattern Evidence Analysis

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    Pattern evidence can be defined as evidence which can be studied from a specific pattern. It can also be classified as the additional identifiable information from markings produced when two objects come into contact with each other. (The National Institute of Standards and Technology, 2013) Examples of pattern evidence include fingerprints, shoeprints, tire threads, firearms and bloodstains. Pattern analysis such as analysing of handwriting are also part of pattern evidence. The analysis of pattern

  • Type Of Forensic Evidence

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    one type of physical evidence such as fingerprints, shoe marks, blood, et cetera. Your assignment has to be in four parts: 1. Define the chosen type of evidence. (600 words) 2. Research the historical development of this type of evidence. (750 words) 3. Explain its evidential value - specific characteristics - why it is unique - what makes it distinct, how it is examined and how the result is interpreted. (900 words) 4. Explore jurisprudence related to this type of evidence and highlight the legal

  • Exculpatory Evidence Analysis

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    advantage. When it comes to discovery there are two types of evidence. Exculpatory, which is any evidence that may be favorable to the defendant at trail either by tending to cast doubt on the defendant’s quilt or by tending to mitigate the defendant’s culpability, thereby potentially reducing the defendant’s sentence, and impeachment evidence, which is any evidence that would cast doubt on the credibility of a witness. The Exculpatory Evidence Brady rule comes from the Brady v. Maryland in 1963. The

  • Physical Evidence By Kelly Grey Carlisle

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    Physical Evidence by Kelly Grey Carlisle is a nonfiction essay of herself when she was finding about her mother who she thought was killed during a car accident but was actually murdered. Carlisle is not only learning what happened to her mother but also is learning about her identity as she learns about her mother since she died when Carlisle was only a baby. This essay is not so much of a happy go lucky story but more about despair and real-life situations that can happen to anyone. The tone mainly

  • Dental Evidence Collection Investigation

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    I have recently inquired information about a specific investigation that went on a few months back. The investigation had informed the intelligent investigators that there had been a death at a particular house. Now this death was very unusual, because the man that had been found dead was under a truck crushed by the vehicle engine. The unusual thing about it was that the man had worked with this specific type of vehicle for quite a long time. When the investigators got to the home of the man they

  • Casey Anthony Circumstantial Evidence

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    Casey Anthony had a substantial amount of circumstantial evidence, but was able to walk away as a free woman. Casey contradicted her testimony throughout the trial of the murder of her two year old daughter, Caylee Anthony. Although there was enough evidence to point the finger and call her the perpetrator, there was not nearly enough evidence to put Casey behind bars. In law, it is very black and white, DNA has to match with the offender exactly or you have no case.

  • Photographic Evidence Identification Paper

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    visible items. I would process these items because they are out of place from where they normally should be, they stand out, the items seem suspicious, the items must be touched to enter the gas station, and I believe the items may contain fingerprint evidence that can lead to identifying the suspect. I would also take the fingerprints from every individual at the crime scene, any law enforcement or medical personnel that touched anything at the crime scene, and all employees including any that were not

  • Direct Vs Circumstantial Evidence

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    The rules of evidence vary greatly depending on the type of lawsuit that is being filed. It is essential to understand what all of the rules are and what the justification of the rules are. The purpose of the rules of evidence is to ensure that all law proceedings are fair, that there are no unjustifiable expenses incurred and that at the end of the proceedings there is a fairly rendered verdict. The major portion of the evidence discussion is to determine what evidence in the case filing will

  • Substantial Evidence Case Study

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    Scope of Judicial Review and The Meaning of Substantial Evidence: Comparing Universal Camera Corp v. NLRB [340 U.S. 474] and Allentown Mack Sales and Service, Inc. v. NLRB [522 U.S. 359] Substantial Evidence is a standard set by the Supreme Court that is to be followed when lower courts review agency decisions in cases involving specific clauses of the Administrative Procedures Act (codes 556 and 557). This standard states that substantial evidence is culmination of details that would lead a reasonable

  • Inorganic Evidence In Criminal Investigation

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    Evidence used in Karen Cranky Murder Case Forensic Evidence is the analysis of chemical evidence, which can be used as vital evidence in a crime investigation. The principles of forensics involve the Locard’s Exchange Principle, which is that a criminal will bring something and take something from the crime scene which can be used as forensic evidence. Forensic evidence is usually examined by a forensic orthodontist There are two types of forensic evidence used in the Karen Cranky Murder Case which

  • Andrea Campbell's Forensic Evidence

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    from the forensic evidence found. In the passage, “Forensic Science: Evidence, Clues, and Investigation” by Andrea Campbell, forensic evidence is explained to be the most important evidence to present at trial. Forensic evidence are things like “fingerprints, body fluids, and bullets” (paragraph one). Forensic evidence is the evidence that’s found at the scene of a crime. In paragraph two, it says, “after police have secured the site, criminal investigators collect physical evidence. Their findings

  • Why Is Forensic Evidence Important

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    multiple ways investigators can gather their evidence. Testimonies, direct evidence, circumstantial, and even physical evidence; theses are all different yet effective types of evidence investigators can use. Although none of these methods are incorrect ways of collecting evidence, in “Forensic: Evidence, Clues, and Investigation” by Andrea Campbell, she states that forensic evidence is the most important and useful. Forensic evidence and physical evidence are the same thing. It is the physical characteristics

  • Giving Evidence In Court-The Trial

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    Many people are not aware of the types of evidence the court require in order for the case continue of discontinue. We usually think if the judges have enough evidence, the defense automatically be convicted for that particular crime; however, there are many prerequisites the prosecutor have to show to the judges in order to win the case. In the short video Giving Evidence in court- The Trial, publish by University of Derby show the viewers some simple steps to follow in order to succeed in court

  • Facebook Messages And Hearsay Evidence Paper

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    The case I found discussed the authentication of Facebook messages and hearsay evidence (Brown, 2013). The case of Smith v. State involved the admission of Facebook messages between the defendant and his wife (Brown, 2013). He was charged with the murder of his stepdaughters who was only one and a half years old (Brown, 2013). The prosecution was granted permission to use messages from Facebook as evidence against the defendant (Brown, 2013). “The court ultimately found the messages to have been

  • Chain Of Custody And Evidence Preservation Paper

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    Chain of custody and evidence preservation Understanding the rules of evidence is an important aspect in planning for processing the crime scene. I will ensure my team has a clear understanding and knowledgeable about the rules and regulations that are applied to digital evidence. My team needs to comply with State and Federal principles of evidence, as well as stay current with latest rulings and directives on collecting, processing, and yielding advanced digital evidence (Luttgen, Pepe, & Mandia

  • The Primary Evidence Of Jonbenet Ramsey's Murder

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    The body of innocent six-year-old child JonBenet Ramsey was the primary evidence of her murder. Due to the Ramseys reporting JonBenet missing and police being aware that most reported missing children are located in or around their homes, they were instructed to search their own home. The Ramseys discovered a point of entry in their basement, where they found broken glass and forced entry. Patsy Ramsey, the mother, discovers a lengthy ransom letter demanding money for the return of JonBenet. Additionally

  • Examples Of Exculpatory Evidence In To Kill A Mockingbird

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    The first source of exculpatory evidence for Tom Robbinson's was his physical inability to commit the crime. When he first stands he is described by Scout in these words: "He looked oddly off balance, but it was not from the way he was standing. His left arm was fully twelve inches shorter than his right and hung dead at his side. It ended in a small shriveled hand, and from as far away as the balcony I could see that it was no use to him" (pg. 211). In short, Tom was an obvious cripple. Mr. Tate

  • Evidence And Witnesses In The Wayne Williams Case

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    The prosecutors in the Wayne Williams case presented evidence and witnesses in the case. None of the witnesses, in this case, witnessed Wayne Williams commit any murders. The witnesses were there to testify about what they noticed Wayne Williams do, that was not normal or unusual. The testimony which was the most damaging was Angelo Foster who was a former press secretary to the mayor. He gave information about a conversation that he had with the defendant’s father. This conversation took place at