Why Did Johnny Cade End The Trial

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“Cursed be he that taketh reward to slay an innocent person. And all the people shall say, Amen” (Deuteronomy 27:25). Johnny Cade should not be cursed for doing what was right, he was never rewarded and never desired to murder Bob Sheldon. He hurt and scared and did what he did out of impulse. Yet I believe as Johnny’s Defense lawyer that he should not be cursed by being jailed because either way a man would have been killed, the Socs were heavily intoxicated, and Johnny was severely beaten in the past by Bob leaving him feared and distraught. In this case, we understand Mr. Cade killed Mr. Sheldon, need to end the sentence or link the two somehow he admits to that when he says “I killed that boy” (Hinton 56). But I imagine if Mr. Cade had not intervened Ponyboy would have been killed. Yes, David was the one drowning Ponyboy, if Mr. Cade would have gone for David both Johnny and ponyboy would have died due to a full blown war. Because He went for Bob, the head of the group, he scared the rest of them. If Mr. Cade had tried to get help, It would be likely by the time he got back Ponyboy would be …show more content…

According to what Ponyboy says that night “They smelled so heavily of whiskey and English Leather that I almost choked” (Hinton 54). These men were first off driving under the influence putting both their and others lives in danger. And they were angered because the Greasers were talking with their girlfriends, Which left them at the drive-in due to them drinking. Them drinking and the greasers being with their girlfriends led to a minor fight with the Socs on a street corner earlier that evening, that was stopped by Bob girlfriend. We all know that when you mix both alcohol and anger the outcome is never good. This is why I believe the murder is on their part. They were picking a fight on a night that they were drinking and it didn't turn out well for either

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