Emmett Till Essay Thesis

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Emmett Till

Emmett Till was a regular boy living in Chicago, Illinois. Emmett was super fun and funny and he loved telling jokes to everyone. Nobody ever wanted to hurt him. Not for know at least. One day he heard that his uncle came up to Chicago. He really wanted to go with his uncle to see his cousins. He went down to Mississippi with his uncle and cousins after he begged his mom even after she said no. Emmett still begged, and after awhile, she said yes. So he went down to Mississippi, Emmett was super excited. Little did he know this would be the last time he would see his mom.

Emmett Louis Till was born July 25, 1955 in Chicago, Illinois. Emmett was born in thriving black middle class neighborhood on Chicago's South side. Emmett was stricken with Polio at age five but made a full recovery except for a slight stutter. Emmett was better known as Bobo to his classmates at McCosh grammar school which was the only education he ever had. Emmett was a chubby boy and most boys were skinny but that didn’t stop Emmett from getting friends. Emmett Till was a happy, high-spirited, funny boy. Emmett was also a very responsible boy. His mother later said, ''Emmett had all the house …show more content…

Milam were tried for murder. At that time white women and African Americans couldn't serve as jurors. Bryant and Milam were tried in front of an all white male jury. In an surprising act of bravery Moses Wright (Emmett's uncle) took the stand and accused Milam and Bryant of murder and kidnapping which was unheard of since it was very unusual for African Americans to accuse whites during court. Moses Wright put his life in incredible danger when he when he did this. Despite of overwhelming evidence the jury found them not guilty. The jury deliberated only for sixty-seven minutes until they decided there

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