Essay On Casey Anthony

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In July 2008, the Criminal Justice System began one the most horrified case in the United States. This case called the attention of many civilians around the nation; making it one of the most controversial cases in this time. However, Casey Anthony was the primary suspect in this case, the police have enough evidence to arrest her. After Anthony Casey arrest the trial begin until the case was resolved and a sentence is concluded. It is a process involved different government agencies. This research paper will analyze the case of Casey Anthony. in July 15, 2008, the police received a 911 called by Cindy Anthony, grandmother of the 2 years old Caylee Anthony. Cindy Anthony accused her daughter Casey Anthony of stealing her car and money. The …show more content…

According to the American Bar Association, the prosecutor is an administrator of justice and advocate. In the Casey Anthony trial the prosecutor had enough evidence to charge Casey Anthony as First-Degree murder. The false statements from Casey Anthony, the investigations from law enforcement, and every evidence presented pointed out that Casey Anthony killed her daughter. The prosecutor used “forensic evidence that they say shows Anthony kept the body of her daughter, Caylee Anthony, in the trunk of her car” (Treffers, Burgess, & Burgess, 2013). Another theory was that Casey Anthony put duct tape in Caylee mouth, and suffocate her. They do not have a witness or confession connecting Anthony to the death, however. In this case, and in any criminal case the prosecutor “has the burden of proving every element of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt” ( “In criminal cases the defendant is not required to prove innocence to avoid conviction, the prosecution does not have to prove guilt to the point of absolute certainty” ( The state has the burden of proof because those criminally charged are innocent until proven guilty. In this case the jury was used, they “listen to the evidence and decide according to the facts presented during the trial” ( But I must mention that the jury are civilians from our community and they don’t have idea about criminal law or just how the law

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