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Casey Anthony was one of the only things people could talk about in 2008. Casey Anthony blew the news up about the killing of her daughter, the case lasted for about three years before the court finally reached a non- guilty verdict. The media and people all around America continued to speculate on reasons why they thought the verdict should have been guilty. After examining the case, two theories connect to the case. Casey Anthony has allowed me to further explore and examine all the theories so that I could explain the reasoning behind Anthony’s actions. On June 16,2008 2-year-old Caylee Anthony went missing from her home in Orlando, Florida; she lived there with her grandparents and her 22-year-old mother Casey Anthony. Caylee was missing …show more content…

This family was filled with lies, denial and and the need to please. From a young age Casey was raped by her father at young age and it was never acknowledge by the family because they had an image to uphold in the white picket fence community they lived in and people feel this was reflected in the death f Caylee, “The defense claims that Caylee died by an accidental drowning in the family pool and then the body was hidden to cover up secrets. One of the secrets claimed by the defense was that Casey, from the age of eight, was sexually molested by her father and there was attempted sexual abuse by Casey's brother” ( McBride). Her family was known to be a functional one people within their communities where the lived never knew that Casey was being harmed and the years of her being abused reflect on Caylee’s death. These issues were reflected because Casey may have been told not to report it just like she was told not to tell anyone of the horrendous things her father would do to her and what her brother tried to do to her. A journal examined this, “In one of the few studies in criminology to focus specifically on the presentation of negative stimuli, … the effect held when measures of social control and deviant beliefs were” (Agnew). This is a clear representation of why the family did what did by hiding Caylee’s body they did it so that they didn’t have to hear that people and neighbors assumed that the family was so kind and seemed so normal before the death. The challenge of trying to withhold this information was probably hard for every except for the grandmother because it seemed to me that she was always oblivious to what was going on with her child when she was younger. Casey and the rest of the family were used to hold secrets, if it were up to them there would be no

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