Casey Davidson And Thompson Unlucky

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Defense Opening (4min) BREATHE (2 full) Thank you, Your Honor, and may it please the court. Imagine rolling a handful of dice. What's the chance that you will roll all ones? Not very high. Dice can represent a variety of things, like people, objects, or situations. A roll of the dice is what brought us here today. Casey Davidson,a peaceful woman who never wished harm on anyone, was charged with first-degree murder. The victim, Alex Thompson, was known to be a very violent person, who made enemies up to the day that she died. So why was Casey charged? A dice roll. SHE happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and HER history with the victim made HER an easy target. We are here today to decide if Casey is guilty of this accusation brought upon HER.You will hear many facts, and the defense will show you the story of someone who fell into the fate of an unlucky dice roll. On a summer day in 2017, Our America, a …show more content…

First, the defense will bring Avery Williams. He owns a small electronics store in Acorn and is friends with Casey Davidson. He will tell you about his encounters with both Alex and Casey. Next, Fabian (fa-be-on) Moreno will come to the stand. He is a teacher at Acorn High School, a member of Equality For All, and an acquaintance of Casey Davidson. He will tell you what he saw and establish where Casey was during the time of the murder. After, Tory Lee will speak. She is a forensic pathologist, who will provide her analysis of the death, and tell you how none of the evidence confirms that Casey was the one that killed Alex and that it could have been anyone who attended the rally. Finally, the defense will bring the defendant, Casey Davidson, to the stand. SHE has been charged with first-degree murder, but SHE will tell you that even though SHE has gotten into a few arguments with Alex Thompson, SHE never wished for HER to be dead, and never killed

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