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There has not been a more controversial court case since O.J Simpson back in 1995. Casey Anthony made a widespread image for herself which is none other than a psychotic mother who did not care for her child Caylee. Previous relations with her father as a child, George Anthony, provide enough information which shows that he in fact contributed to the behaviors Casey exhibited as a young adult. Both George and Lee Anthony, Casey’s brother, affected a proper stimulation for her to experience as a child with consistent sexual abuse and molestation (Gwynne 2011). Due to these experiences as a young adolescent, Casey grew up to believe it is proper behavior to treat children in such a way they are not capable to feel a specific love and affection …show more content…

Cindy and George Anthony had two children, Casey and Lee Anthony. From a general outlook on their household, they seemed normal. Her father worked for law enforcement, but Cindy actually made a large portion of the household’s income (Hewitt, Helling, & Green 2009). Sources claimed that George was a husband who gave in to many of Cindy’s requests and demands (Hewitt, Helling, & Green 2009). Having this example set on a permanent display for years would lead up to the explanation pertaining as to why Casey believes it is she who must be in charge of things. Regardless of periodic family troubles, Casey grew up in a family that did not have issues with an economic status. Others viewed her as being a part of a normal American lifestyle. This all changed when, in high school, instances of lying came about. Casey began to drift farther from the truth, the older she became, and this caused much commotion for those who cared about her. In high school, she lied to both her grandparents and parents over the topic of graduating high school. It took longer than necessary for her to reveal this important bit of information and explain that she had begun to skip classes which brought about a lack of

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