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One criminal case that I found very intriguing was the Casey Anthony case. For those that do not about this case it involved Casey Anthony and her daughter Caylee Marie Anthony and it was about the death of Casey’s two year old daughter. This whole case was something never seen before. It was crazy how it started out and how it ended. This case is one that to this day won't ever be forgotten especially the whole outcome of it. With all that being said let us take a deeper look at the case and see if the evidence used was enough to get a conviction. It all started on June 16, 2008. Casey had her daughter Caylee with her parents and was saying goodbye to them. She was leaving on work business and was taking her daughter along with her. That was …show more content…

Her defense stated that her kid drowned, her father knew and was covering it up, and that her father had been touching her since she was a child. Casey was all over the place and it was clear as day that she responsible for the death of her child. With all the evidence the prosecution had to go off they in my mind didn’t have enough evidence to support their claims. In this case the police report wasn’t bad or not well written it was just that Casey’s telling to the police were lies. Each side present their cases and evidence and in the end it came to the jury to make the final decision. After hours of deliberation the jury found Casey innocent on all counts of her daughter's disappearance. She was found innocent on July 5, 2011. Three years after her daughter Caylee was found dead. This was so unexpected because the whole world knew she was guilty and so did her parents. They didn’t want to believe it but the now it was her in the end. Her parents don’t even talk to her anymore.To this day she lives her life like nothing ever happened. She went to do an interview and said she sleeps well every night. Who in their right mind would say that having lost their baby their whole world. I would be a broken sole just wandering the earth till it was my time to go. That’s how her father felt. He actually tried to commit suicide because he could not bare the allegations his daughter made

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