The Similarities Between Hamlet And Antigone

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Tragedy is a part of life and most people will experience a tragedy in their lifetime. Tragedies are common enough to be presented to children through television shows and children’s books. Small tragedies occur in children’s entertainment. A children’s story may go like a kid loses an item he/she loves and then his/her friends or family help and find the lost item. Imagine if a kid had no support in finding whatever he/she has lost. Losing an item may not seem bad to a grown up because he/she can re-acquire whatever he/she has lost, with money or support. A child may be devastated because he/she would not have much idea of what to do except to cry and go crazy. Similarly, the characters Ophelia and Antigone from “Hamlet” and “Antigone” go …show more content…

Antigone went non-stop trying to get a proper burial for her brother, but challenging the law, is what a person with low sense would do. Even though being denied a proper burial for her brother is wrong, a person with sense would wait and try to get justice. Insanity is caused by one being pushed to a “full blown paranoid delusional state”(Blumoff). Antigone is so paranoid of getting her brother buried, that even her sister declines to go along with her towards the beginning of the play. Most people in Antigone’s shoes would be in a similar situation. Leaving a loved one’s dead body outside to rot without proper burial, would most likely drive one crazy. The law not doing anything about it would also drive one crazy because the law is supposed to protect one’s rights. Ophelia went mad after her father died, she said whatever she wanted because people knew she was mad. Ophelia’s father also did not get a proper burial, her father’s body was thrown into the dirt with worms and maggots. If one goes mad, most people would back away from the insane person. The characters around her did not attempt to help her out, causing her to commit suicide. Similar to a child, a child talks

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