Similarities Between Hamlet And Julius Caesar

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William Shakespeare was well versed in the English language, whether it be poetry or playwrights. The Tragedy of Julius Caesar and Hamlet are playwrights that entail odd, but heavy struggles for both characters. Using Brutus’s and Hamlet’s interaction with their female counterparts, their thirst for vengeance, and specific character traits, Shakespeare develops two tragic heroes of different time periods. When comparing and contrasting Brutus and Hamlet it is important to note their interactions with women within the play. Both Hamlet and Brutus have significant female influences throughout each of their stories. Hamlet and Brutus seemingly ignore their female counterparts affections and struggles. In Hamlet his female companion is Ophelia, …show more content…

The unlikely pairing of Hamlet and Brutus is attributed to their specific characteristics that categorize them as tragic heroes. Both characters die in the end of their tragedy, both receive punishments that exceed the actual crime, and both are of noble stature, to name a few. When Brutus succumbs to his fate of death, he is not reluctant but rather ready to die as he has wronged his greatest friend in life, Caesar. “Come poor remains of friends rest on this rock./... Farewell good Strato- Caesar, now be still;/ I killed not thee with half so good a will (The Tragedy of Julius Caesar V.v.1-51).” Brutus was willing to kill his closest friend, the leader of Rome to protect the people and he in turn was punished with the worst chastisement of all: his own death. Hamlet also repents his crimes with his own life, but he face far larger crimes. He has wronged Ophelia so greatly that she killed herself, murdered Polonius and murdered Laertes. “Here, thou incestuos, murderous, damned Dane,/ Drink of this potion: is thy union here?/ Follow my mother... Heaven make thee free of it, I follow thee... O I die Horatio... Which have solicited- the rest is silence. (Hamlet V.ii.308-342.) This series of lines demonstrates Hamlet’s thinking process directly before his death. At first, he is angered by his impending death, then it is followed by acceptance and admittance. Both Hamlet and Brutus are of noble stature, Hamlet was to be the King of Denmark, Brutus is politician in Rome and an advisor to Caesar. Both Hamlet and Brutus share similar qualities. In The Tragedy of Julius Caesar and Hamlet, both characters share a strong influence from their female counterparts, a hunger for revenge and specific character traits of a tragic hero. However, they differ in the extremity of their crimes. As a proctor of the English language, Shakespeare is able to hone abilities to create to tragic

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