Cypop5 Task 5 Health And Social Care

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On 3/17/17 at 1005 hrs, I was dispatched to the PD lobby in reference to harassing phone calls. Upon my arrival, I made contact with the complainant Victoria Wert and her boyfriend, Bradley Palmer. Wert advised Palmer’s ex-girlfriend, Alexus Smith has been texting her since 9/27/16 to 3/17/17, during this time Wert advised she did not text her Smith once, and her text messages are rude and unwanted. Wert advised she did not receive any concerning messages until 3/17/17 at 0930 hrs. Smith texted Palmer advising she is planning to have someone watch their child and she will confront Wert at her job which is Wing House (7790 US Highway 19 N). Wert advised she was worried Smith would go to her job and cause a disturbance; she immediately called her boss advising the situation. Wert explained everything started when herself and Palmer started dating on 9/27/17, she advised that Smith is possibly jealous because they started dating and they had a kid together, and their relationship did not last. …show more content…

Before ending my conversation with Wert, she stated she does not want to press charges against Smith, but she wants me to make contact with her and tell her to stop texting her. I told Wert to block her cell phone number and continue to block all ways of communication with her. After speaking with Wert, I was unable to make contact with Smith; I left a voicemail advising she needs to block all ways of communication with Wert to avoid any issues. This report is for documentation only, as the victim has declined prosecution. Case Status:

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