Unit 7 P4 Health And Social Care Study

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Many people are supported in their homes by people who work along side the health and social care service such as social workers,nursers ,doctor and care givers or they may get support from their family members and friends. An elderly person may choose to stay in their own homes instead of a residential care home while seeking help and support from others,however this can lead to potential opportunities for abuse happening to the person who Is being looked after. When an individual is getting support at home by a carer, the individual being cared for is vulnerable and defenseless and therefor this makes them a target for abuse,another example is abuse by strangers,when an elderly person lives alone they are at risk of people calling at the door and then gaining access to their homes,they may steal items from them or mistreat them or cause intimidation.

A person who is vulnerable and living alone are at risk of physical and sexual because there is no one there to stop this abuse from happening. Another example is a …show more content…

Financial abuse, such as being robbed,also sexual abuse for example being sexual abused or raped. There is a common mistaken in what people believe that only abuse happens within a care setting, however this isn 't true. service users can be vulnerable in their community, if they look different or behave differently to the acceptance norms in society, they are easily targeted by groups. Because they believe they will not resist or they believe the vulnerable person is not considered reliable witness if a crime is committed against them due to their vulnerability. Abuse mostly happens in residential care homes, because they provide the potential for abuse to happen to an

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