Lockheed Martin Strengths And Weaknesses

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Organizational Profile

An Organizational Profile

Lockheed Martin

Chad Bailey

University of Louisville

ELFH 442

May 29, 2015

Lockheed Martin Organizational Profile
Lockheed Martin is an advanced technology company that specializes in defense, aerospace and security. Bethesda, Maryland is the headquarters for this large cooperation that employs approximately 112,000 people worldwide (Lockheed Martin Corporation, 2015). Lockheed Martin as the corporation exists today was not always the case. Lockheed Martin is the company that came to be after Glenn L. Martin Company and the Alco Hydro-Aeroplan Company merged on March 16th 1995(Lockheed Martin …show more content…

These analyses are structured to identify its Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats. The Strengths and Weaknesses are viewed as internal to the organization, while Opportunities and Threats are viewed from an external perspective. Strengths and Opportunities are perceived as helpful to the organizations ability to meet its objectives and goals. Weaknesses and Threats are seen as harmful to the organizations ability to meet its goals.
There are many strengths to Lockheed Martin?s current situation as a global defense contractor. The first and most notably is that it is ranked the largest defense contracting organization in the world ("SWOT Analysis of Lockheed Martin", 2012). Another strength listed by this website is the high value that Lockheed Martin places on the core competences of Human Resources. These competences focus on the needs, skills and relationships of the employee. This concept looks to empower employees to meet the organizations goals (Bolman & Deal, 1997). Lockheed Martin contracts typically remain effective for long periods of time ensuring revenue for the future (?SWOT Analysis of Lockheed Martin?, 2009). This type of revenue allows Lockheed Martin to invest a large amount of money towards research and development expenditures so they remain competitive (?SWOT Analysis of Lockheed Martin?,

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