Case Study: Marriott's HRM And Business Strategic Alignment

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Introduction – Marriott’s HRM and Business Strategic Alignment
This paper will propose a Human Resources (HR) strategy that is in alignment with Marriott’s business strategy, as well as describe several HR job positions and responsibilities listed for them. Next, this paper will determine which HR job positions I prefer and why. Finally, it will analyze how Marriott can establish HRM strategies to improve its competitive advantage, as well as three ways it can increase diversity.
Marriott’s Business and HR Strategy
According to Marriott International’s own website, this company has instilled a corporate and business culture that has put people first for 87 years. It is proud of its cultivation of opening up a multitude of experiences and opportunities for people from all walks of life. Further, it prides itself on offering several business advantages to include: a strong balance sheet, sound management, and a record of industry leadership. Marriott describes its business model, brands, senior leaders, and deeply-ingrained service culture as having firmly established Marriott as a leading performer (2013, para 1-2). Another source describes Marriott International as a company that takes pride in the fact that they have always taken care of their customers and employees above all else, living up to their slogan of “People First” (Addonizio, Mathos, Khalil, & Ortiz, F., 2012, para 1). Essentially, Marriott has gone to great lengths to focus their business efforts and strategy on providing the best working environment and hotel stay for employees and customers alike.
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This Assistant Manager works with the Training Manager, HR, and other department managers to address employee, as well as organizational development needs. Furthermore, the Assistant Training Manager works with the Training Manager and Casino Department Heads to conduct needs assessments to incorporate into Marriott’s training programs that ultimately facilitate the delivery of both custom and corporate training programs (“Aruba Marriott”, n.d. para.130). Essentially, the Training Manager ensures Marriot’s personnel are appropriately trained, as well as assesses and forecasts appropriate training to keep its personnel

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