Hrm 531 Action Plan

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Action Plan In order to achieve the goals and objectives, HR must commit wholeheartedly to our initiatives; thinking them through at the front-end and executing decisively according to plan. Furthermore, HR needs to maintain flexibility and deftly adapting when circumstances demand. Taking the time to develop a strategy is not only necessary, but critical to the long-term success and health of the organization. The goals and objectives are met by executing strategies and action plans as well as ensure these are being reviewed often to ensure actions align with the overall mission and goals of the organization. To implement strategies, HR must ensure they are choosing consistent and appropriate tactics (Gomez-Mejia, 2016). If the actions …show more content…

The functional action plan will include management from each major function in the organization i.e.; transfer agency, learning and development, client relations, intermediary operations, and marketing. The functional action plan will outline the specific actions needed in order, to address each strategic goal, responsible party for accomplishing that objective, and a timeline for completion. The relationship between HR and managers is extremely important as HR is dependent on managers to carry out the programs that were designed by HR (Gomez-Mejia, 2016). If the programs are not followed through, then the strategic plan will fail. To ensure the programs are being followed HR will hold quarterly meetings with the business units to discuss the measurable results produced for each strategic goal, methods for verifying and evaluating the actual extent of implementation of the action plan, and to discuss the challenges around achieving these …show more content…

The human resource management is vital in safeguarding that the people employed by an organization live up to their capabilities. This can be done by creating a strategy plan that aligns with the organizational goals. Their actions are designed to move that plan forward. The HR function should focus on value-adding activities to support the execution of the business strategy and objectives. By implementing the strategic plan organizations achieve results. In turn, by HR creating a mission and vision statement that ties to objectives, and metric that would aid in meeting overall goals for LDB Financial Services. Hence, by HR creating a strategic plan that aligns with the organization, consist of goals, objectives, and metrics it will aid in customer/employee satisfaction, retention, and enhanced human capital which all reflect back on the success of not only the business units, but the organization as a

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