The Organizational And Cultural Environment Of Tesco

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INTRODUCTION: The summation of activities that a business expects to carry out in order to attain longstanding objectives can be defined as organizational strategy. Combined, these activities forms a business’s strategic plan. Strategic plans are developed by various level of management. Superior organizational strategy are generated by the top level management whereas the middle level management and lower level management of the company implements objectives and strategies to accomplish the complete strategy gradually. Based on the mission of the business the organizational strategies are put into words. To carry out this report we have selected a company named TESCO which is a worldwide grocery and universal products dealer founded in the year 1919. Worldwide in terms of profit it is considered as third leading retailer and in terms of revenue it is regarded to be the ninth leading retailer. Tesco has expand geographically from the time early 1990’s and into sections like electronics, furniture, and internet services etc. Critically evaluate the organizational and cultural environment of TESCO and identify key capabilities and resources. Organizational culture can be defined as the office atmosphere articulated from the communication and relations of the staffs in the workplace. The cultures in organization is defined by strength, life experiences, education, and weakness and so on of the employees. Despite the fact administrators and senior managers perform a great part

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