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Strategy means the approach, plan and knowledge that is used to move in the direction that will allow the company to satisfy the customer’s wants and needs, and obtain their goal, while reaching and maintaining an economical benefit over the competition (Defining Your Business Strategy, 2016). It can further be defined as a means of evaluating at what success level they are currently sustaining, and what success level they desire to obtain and the means they will need to use to get to their desired level (Bryson p. 11). A practical understanding of the value that strategy brings to an organization, is the course that the company is to take and the positioning that the company has for the future, and very possibly survival in a very competitive …show more content…

One of the strategies they used was that every customer was asked by the Publix employee if they can take their groceries out to their car. To further assure this procedure was performed, as instructed by management, it was a requirement that each Publix employee was to place their hands on the grocery cart at the time the customer had completed the purchase transaction. They were then required to offer assistance to each customer. Publix completed a series of brainstorming to coming up with this strategy; however, in the process, realized that customers may resent this offer, if they felt obligated to tip. As a result, another strategy Publix uses is not allowing tips for their employees, and to assure the message is loud and clear to each employee and customer, each employee is required to wear a tagline that says “no tips allowed.” Many customers have commented that Publix is a little more expensive than some of the other grocery stores; however, the great customer service the company provides makes it well worth …show more content…

If an employee sees a customer looking for an item, they must follow what is known as a 10 feet, 10 second rule. This simply means that each employee must greet and ask the customer how they may assist them and this must occur within 10 seconds and 10 feet away from the customer, after recognizing the opportunity to apply this rule. I always follow the 10 feet 10 second rule to make customers feel welcome, and to do my part to help with Publix strategy to move in the direction of the best quality customer service in the industry. I want to make a difference and be noticed for the work I produce; because, it makes me feel good when others appreciate me as an individual. Having values means something that holds importance to a business or a

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