Marketing Strategy: Trader Joe's Business Strategy

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For the business-level, Trader Joe’s adopted a differentiation focus strategy. According to our textbook with this strategy, Trader Joe’s seeks to differentiate in its target market. They rely on providing better service than broad-based competitors. Specifically, they focus on the special needs of the buyer in other segments (Dess, Page 159). Joe’s differentiates its self from other grocers by providing a unique shopping experience fortified with their private label goods and great service from their crew members. Their unique shopping experience stems from their smaller store locations with the chevron pattern. They don’t have a large array of products, but they provide high quality goods under their brand name that continues to attract customers. …show more content…

Focusing on the needs of the buyer is also a focus of the firm, they can create products that specifically cater to the needs of their customers. This can be seen when the begin rotating season goods for their customers or bringing in more natural foods due to trends involving customer fitness and eating healthier foods. This strategy is appropriate, this was the firm’s original strategy when it was founded in the late 60s, and it hasn’t changed all that much. The corporate-level strategy resembles that of an organic growth strategy. Rather than opting for an external approach and follow say an Amazon by acquiring Whole Foods to enter the business, Trader Joe’s has followed an internal approach for their corporate-level strategy. Trader Joe’s prefers to grow organically/internally, they do this by continuing to open new stores in new locations as well as trying to grow their sales. With this method, the firm grows at a slower pace, however growing organically allows you to increase your market share, allows for a more realistic growth rate for the business, and avoids any risks associated with mergers and …show more content…

In all Trader Joe’s is one of the leading super markets in the U.S., but after careful analysis of their operations I believe there are opportunities that are currently being ignored by the company. The company doesn’t need to act on all the recommendations that I made, however it would be in their best interest to do so. Not only would the company grow at a faster pace, but it will make strides in areas that haven’t been occupied before. Despite these current pitfalls, Trader Joe’s still is a popular option in their

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