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The way Trader Joe’s demonstrates the importance of each responsibility in the management process of planning by making its stores unique. Trader Joe’s makes sure that their stores stand out from the rest of the competition. They accomplish this by making sure that they stock unique products that a customer will not find in any other store. They also make sure that these unique products are priced below-average prices. These prices attract people because people usually look for a bargain. They also create their shopping environment fun by setting up chalkboards that have something written on them about a product that they are offering. Also, they have their employees, as well as managers, wear loud print tropical shirts. Trader Joe’s organizing …show more content…

416) Trader Joe’s built a reputation in that they offer below-average prices on their products and this makes its customers come back and shop there. Trader Joe’s also labels its products with catchy names that make it so people remember them easily. The products that they sell come directly from manufacturers from around the world. This helps them save money. The leadership at Trader Joe’s is demonstrated by the way they do their hiring. Trader Joe’s hires its employees that are “ambitious and adventurous, enjoy smiling and have a strong sense of values.” (Schermerhorn, 2010, p.418) Trader Joe’s also provides a laid-back work environment. In order to motivate their workers, Trader Joe’s pays its employees almost 20% more than its competition. They also offer a generous benefits package to its employees. Lastly, the control that Trader Joe’s has is that it is able to control a lot of the costs that they incur. Such costs as real estate. To cut down on the costs of real estate, Trader Joe’s purchases smaller properties for its stores and the properties are not located in a prime location. Also, Trader Joe’s has a strong control over their

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