Summary Of The Supermarket: Prime Real Estate

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When you first walk through the doors of Shoprite, you notice the floral section. The selection of flowers, plants and bouquets is numerous and attractive to the eye. The departments of the store are thought out intensively. The produce section, the meat section, the juices and dairy products and the main course in the middle of the store, the grocery products such as junk foods and other packaged goods are put in the middle of the store. In “The Supermarket: Prime Real Estate” by Marion Nestle, the author describes grocery stores as: “You are supposed to feel daunted-bewildered by all the choices and forced to wander through the aisles in search of the items you came to buy” (pg 496). This is especially true for the Shoprite of Flemington considering that they just recently remodeled the store and has modified the products in their aisles causing you to wander around the store or to cave in and find an employee to ask them the location of a specific product you have been for studiously looking for for the last twenty minutes. While looking for the cookies in the aisle that they were in before they renovated, you find the somewhat healthy …show more content…

I agree with Nestle’s argument that supermarkets are manipulating their consumers whenever they are in their store. In “The Supermarket: Prime Real Estate” Nestle states: “At the supermarket, you exercise freedom of choice and personal responsibility every time you put an item in your shopping cart, but massive efforts have gone into making it more convenient and desirable for you to choose some products rather than others” (498). When supermarkets display their products, they display them a specific way so that consumers are more interested in them and are enticed to purchase

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