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Competitive Advantage Customer Loyalty • Brand Image:  Uniqlo has built up brand awareness through advertising and marketing. Uniqlo eventually got its message “high quality, fashionable pieces in lots of colour at reasonable prices” across. • Positioning:  Uniqlo has positioned itself as the world’s only LifeWear Brand. LifeWear is comfortable everyday clothes for a better life as a result of its high quality, fashionable and affordable characteristics. (Refer to Figure 1) • Unique Merchandise:  The name “UNIQLO” is a contraction of the words “Unique Clothing”. As its name suggest, Uniqlo does not follow trends but instead offers unique merchandise. Although their major competitors are fast-fashion retailers, they do not consider themselves …show more content…

The AIRism lines for women, men and kids also have different functions to cater to their needs. There are also different functions for the women and men lines of AIRism. (Refer to Figure 3) • Customer Service:  Uniqlo is passionate about customer service, which they called the ‘Uniqlo Way’. Employees in Uniqlo stores worldwide would gather together every morning to recite ‘The Behaviours’. It is a series of phrases that defines customer service. They would have to say out loud to their pairs, facing each other, the six standard phrases for introducing themselves, asking how the customers are and thanking them for waiting etc. (Refer to Figure 4) Employees are required to use a minimum of four of the phrases or otherwise, they would have failed in delivering good customer service. • Customer Relationship Management …show more content…

(Refer to figure 5) Using this model, Uniqlo was able to successfully differentiate itself from other retailers by developing unique products based on innovations than fashion trends. They are able to make quick adjustments to the production according to the latest sales trends and minimise store operation costs. This has allowed Uniqlo to sell high-quality clothes at affordable prices. Uniqlo is now working on a new supply chain that combines both their real and virtual business together. They have engaged one of Japan’s largest home builders, Daiwa House Industry, to help construct a state-of-the-art distribution center in Tokyo. Uniqlo hopes to create an entirely new way of shopping by revolutionising distribution systems worldwide. For example, if a store runs out of the product a customer wants, Uniqlo would be able to order it from their virtual store and have it delivered to the customer by the time they reach

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