Nike Vs Under Armour Research Paper

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When it comes to athletic apparel, the first company people think of is either Nike or Adidas. Why is this so? Both Nike and Adidas have done an impressive job in marketing their products, with popular spokesperson like Kobe Bryant or Derrick Rose. Nike’s success is attributed to its products contributing to the success of the athletes who purchase them. Nike and Adidas seemed as though they had control on the athletic apparel oligopoly, but recently, Under Armour has become a serious competitor to the two companies. The road to becoming a legitimate competitor has been tough, specifically because of the competitive nature that exists between firms in the same market. The market structure, determinants of supply and demand, and future outlook of the company can help us see the state and performance of Under Armour. Under Armour’s is an example of a monopolistic competition, meaning they have aspects of a perfect competition market structure, but their products are not the same as its competitors. As mentioned above, Under Armour’s main competition is both Nike and Adidas. Recently, Adidas has …show more content…

Profit maximization will expand a firm’s production until its marginal cost is equal to its marginal revenue. Under Armour needs to be able to find the point of production to where they can become most profitable. They will have to be aware of the economy and recognize that in a recession, it will be harder to sell products than in a time of expansion. Finding the balance depending on the current economy is the key to Under Armour’s success. If they are able to find it, then they can achieve maximum profit and put their competitors behind them. Also, Under Armour will need to identify inputs of the costs of the things to make their products. Likewise, they will need to discover the prices of any complimentary goods that go along with their products as well as substitutes that could diminish

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