Nike Consumer Behaviour

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Consumer behavior towards Nike products Marketing is collaborating the value of a product, service or brand to customers, as a driving force to promote or sell that product, service or brand.Marketing procedures and skills embrace selecting target markets by carrying out a market analysis and market segmentation, as well as taking into account the consumer behavior and advertising a products value to customers. Marketing is the utmost vital aspect of developing and enlarging your business, and is a speculation that will recompense for itself over and over again. The term “marketing mix,” was first devised by Neil Borden, the president of the AMA (American Marketing Association) in 1953. Marketing mix is still in use till today as it aids to …show more content…

Nike began to sell sports apparel, athletic sports bags and extra accessories since 1979. Also, their brand Cole Haan transmits a whole clothing-line of casual dress and footwear as well as the latest and accessories for men, women and children. Correspondingly, they market head gear under the brand name ‘Sports Specialties’, for motorbikes and bicycles through ‘NikeTeam manufactures’. Furthermore, they distribute ice skates, roller blades, safety gear, and jerseys. Consequently, Nike’s pricing is intended to be economical and competitive to the other sport gear retailers. The pricing is built upon many factors that have been taken into consideration before setting a selling price on the root of the high-class segment as target customers. Nike as a brand orders high premiums. Nike’s pricing strategy makes use of perpendicular amalgamation in pricing in which they target participants with different channel levels or take part in more than one type of channel level operations. This can govern costs and effect product …show more content…

Probable factors that could affect Nike’s business judgements are a range of demographic, social, economic and political. A few have already started to transpire, though others are purely likelihoods. External factors affecting this mix is one of the most common, technology. Before Nike releases its brand new product line to the market, it’s always prepared to authorize that whether or not there has been any sort of major advances from the other competitors that would tracker its launch. Thus they must time this carefully, as other competition may demand to shadow its release with their marketing

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