Nike Ad Analysis

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Critiquing this ad on how it attracts customer to buy their product. I will talk about what is motivating or attracting the customer. Sometimes it’s the meaning behind the ad or how the product is represented. Nikes is using one of the most popular strategies that are successful in promoting its product and increasing income. When I first saw this ad I immediately knew they were comparing the iron man suit to the shoes showed in the ad.

This ad is trying to let the reader know that buy this shoes will make you as good a man as tony stark. This is basically saying that the type of shoe you’re wearing defines the kind of person who you are. Another message that the ad is showing is that the shoes have hidden power this
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Tony Stark is a rich playboy who use to help build weapons for the military but after a missile went wrong things went took a bad turn for him.The metal of the missile go into his hearts and he got captured by a terrorist group. He and prisoner then found a way for him to stop the metal in his heart from killing him and a way for them to get out of prison. They then decided to design a suit to help them break out of prison, he later then made improvements to it and started calling himself "iron man". The suit in the ad is an iron man suit called “MARK 42” which was introduced in 2012 for the movie Iron Man 3. They are comparing the brand new Nike shoes to and super fictional character from marvel…show more content…
They want to show customers that theses shoes will protect you just as good as the iron man suit to protect's tony stark. Also to make customers know that the shoes are as durable as the suit which can take damages from very powerful weapons.

The advertisement says that these shoes make you a man, but that sounds like it's trying to be subjective because what about those people who can't afford those shoes. The ad is also trying to say that when you purchase these shoes it shows what kind of man you are, a man similar to that of tony stark. Another reason is it is trying to show that the shoes are strong and powerful and help save the but in an environmental way.

Personal Impression
To me, this ad is basically saying that these shoes are strong and durable. It shows to me that unless you get these shoes you will never be a man, which I find very unnecessary because your shoes do not define the kind of man you are. The way they compare these shoe to a fictional super character is interesting to make it look like it would have similar qualities to that of the iron man suit, which makes me think this is an ad aim toward young children and fans of marvel
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