Marketing: Marketing Mix In The Ice Cream Industry

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6.1 Marketing Mix Marketing mix is a set of controllable marketing tactics used by business to promote their product and achieve its marketing objectives. (L. Lake, 15 June 2017) Marketing mix is also called the 4Ps which consist of Promotion, Place, Product and Price. (M. J. Baker, 2001, p.54) 6.1.1 Product A product is the item that business makes with aim to fulfil the needs and wants of customers. It is also the item that business actually sold to the customers. For our company, our product is the ice cream. (Talloo, 2007, p.154) Product Design- features and quality Our company has designed our products according to the features and quality that all range of customer desires. Our ice cream is made from natural fruits such as …show more content…

6.1.2 Price Price is the value or amount that customer pays to buy a product. For instance, for our Star Lab ice cream shop, we need to consider the cost of production of our ice cream, price of our main competitor and our potential customers demographics in order to succeed this competitive market. (C. Breidert, 2007, p.9) Pricing Strategy Pricing strategy that can be used by our company such as penetration pricing, cost-plus pricing, value based pricing and more. But we think that market penetration pricing is the best pricing strategy to be used by our business. Market penetration pricing is about setting a lower price on our product with aim to attract customers to buy our product because of the cheaper price compare with other competitor. In our ice cream industry, we have many competitors such as Gelato and Llaollao, so we can use this strategy to stand out among other competitor and draw attention from the customers. After we had successfully penetrated into the market, we will slowly raise back our price to our normal pricing. (A. Pahwa, 28 January …show more content…

It is finalised strategies to enhance business and product’s positions in selected markets. (N. Paley, 1999, p.9) 6.2.1 Location The location of our company is at Prima Setapak. This is because we see many opportunities at that area as there are many students and working adults living there. There was primary school and a secondary school near our shop. Moreover, there were a few condominiums near our business location. A lot of college students and working adults are living in the condominium too. It is very convenient and easy for them to walk to our shop as it only takes 5 to 10 minutes to walk to our shop. But in the future, our goal is to locate our business to a shopping complex such as KLCC and MidValley. This is because we plan to spread across our business and let more people know about it. We plan to add more franchise to other locations, not just operating our business in Prima Setapak only. (J. Hayzlett, 4 August 2016) 6.2.2 Products and

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