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The company Fast Retailing Co., Ltd was found and established on 1 May 1963 in Japan by Tadashi Yanai. Presently, they have launched several apparel and lifestyle brand of UNIQLO, GU, Theory, Comptoir des Cotonniers, Princesse tam.tam and J Brand. UNIQLO was first, to be introduced by Fast Retailing in 1984. It was a brand created to provide comfortable causal clothing to everyone, women, men, kids and babies. A lifestyle wear that was made for all, for everyday activities. The first store opened in Hiroshima, Japan and has since developed globally. In 2008, UNIQLO joint venture with Wing Tai Retail Pte. Ltd. for their expansion in Singapore. Marketing Segmentation is a marketing strategy made of major segmentation variables of Geographic, …show more content…

What differentiates UNIQLO and special from the other apparel competitors are the collection of HEATTECH and AIRism. They are the only store carrying this range of products. As both HEATTECH and AIRism is the result of collaboration between UNIQLO and Toray Industries, Inc. HEATTECH and AIRism are both highly functional line of innerwear that respectively provides heat-retention, anti-perspiration and ultra-fine microfibers used, to keep consumers cool, dry and soft to the touch. 4.1.1 Key attribute of product UNIQLO developed apparels, known for the high quality, innovative, functional and affordable. It was achieved through the adoption of SPA (Specialty store retailer of Private label Apparel) business model, from planning, production to sales. This was the medium constant development of high quality apparel, with attributes of customers’ feedback, to refine the clothing standard. 4.1.2 Product …show more content…

4.2 Place In Singapore, UNIQLO used direct selling approach to reach the consumers. The channels for consumers to purchase the products are the stores and online website owned by UNIQLO. A mobile application was also released for consumers to purchase the products through their smart phones. UNIQLO apparels are distributed selectively in more than one place, but not everywhere for the consumers. The first store opened in Tampines 1, and has grown to a total of 23 branches located across all major malls, island wide of Singapore. The stores are situated in shopping malls of different areas, to maximise the convenience for consumers to patronise from different areas. The stores’ locations are detailed in the table below. 4.3 Price UNIQLO uses a value-based pricing strategy. Innovation technology was incorporated in the apparels, but was not sold at a high cost. This creates the perception by the consumer to be a value-added pricing of the products. The two price adjustment tactics of UNIQLO are detailed as follows: Psychological

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