Foot Locker, Inc.: Executive Summary

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Nowadays, most shoppers are searching for bargains and different ways to save money. The bargains that most shoppers are seeking include coupons and additional discounts. Consumers are also searching for products that have good quality and products that are affordable for their budgets. Good customer service is also vital for businesses because this is a sure way to lure more customers in and shop with the retailers. According to Reference For Business (2015) “In addition, retailers should study historic customer response, inventory levels, competitor pricing, seasonal cycles, and other factors in determining the level of discount. Some businesses are able to dramatically increase sales volume through discounts of 20 percent or less, which …show more content…

has been a successful specialty athletic retailer for many decades. This company’s marketing mix utilizes many marketing strategies that have lead this company to be one of the most successful and profitable retailers in sport apparels in the nation. According to A status quo pricing objective may be part of an aggressive overall marketing strategy focusing on nonprice competition-aggressive action on one or more of the P’s other than price. Some companies that sell through the Internet originally thought they’d compete with low prices and still earn profits and from volume (Cannon, McCarthy, & Perreault, p. 445).” The stores often offer customers promotions and discounts. Their prices are affordable for its targeting markets. The store offers direct-to-customers opportunities because using the Internet has become very popular and convenient for most customers that have busy schedules and offers free shipping when spending certain amounts. Foot Locker, Inc. also offers rewards and seasonal promotions. The retailers offer promotions, such as: back-to-school discounts. This is a great opportunity for parents with multiple school age children. The company has financial objectives. There goals according to Foot, in the next five years their goals are to “ reduce turnarounds and to increase sales of 7.5 billion and to return on invested Capital of 14 …show more content…

The retailer focus on making their web sites more enthusing and exciting for customers when visiting their many cites to increase sales. They are also seeking to expand their brands and keep leading the footwear game by offering many varieties of styles and quantities of quality sporting gear that are sold at affordable prices that will lead to an incline in sales and profits. The company has offered and stayed within and under other competitors prices. They company offers pricing flexibility; they compare prices and have always made price adjustments on previous purchases. According to Foot Locker, Inc. (2015) “
We will be happy to give you a price adjustment on items purchased from Foot Locker within 10 days of the order date for any item that has a price reduction. We apologize, but we are unable to honor price adjustments after the 10-day time period or the sale expiration date (Foot Locker, Inc. 2015).” Giving the customers the opportunity to receive an additional savings if merchandise is mark down within 10 days of their annual purchasing, the company is willing to give customers price adjustment for their customers. This company is know different from any other company they have to follow government guidelines and abide by their regulations and rules. The retailer is required to charge tax for every sale or non-sale item, except for specified locations such as “Alaska” that taxes do not apply for

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