Dog Grooming By Maya Angelou Analysis

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When a customer arrives with their dog for grooming, you should be expecting to see them. You might know the dog and the customer really well already so you can greet the customer and their dog by name. But, if you don’t, make sure you’ve made a mental note of everybody and their names showing up for the appointed time.

It really makes a difference. Treat the customer well. Smile when you greet them. Be enthusiastic and welcoming. Make them feel special. Don’t take them for granted. Ever. The great American poet Maya Angelou observed that people will forget exactly what you said or did. But they will never forget how you made them feel. These are wise words – not just for your business, but for …show more content…

Ask them how they’re doing. Ask them how Barney is doing. You are doing this to be nice, socially. But what you really want to know is whether or not there is anything you need to be aware of when it comes to Barney’s groom. You are prompting them – reminding them – of anything you need to know. They might say ‘nothing special, same old, same old’. But they might also say ‘oh – he’s just recovered from a case of Kennel Cough, but he’s fine now’. Or, ‘he’s been scooting his bottom on the ground recently.’ This is just an example, but it’s your cue to check his anal glands.

The importance of establishing this rapport with the customer is for the dog’s benefit. Many dogs can be protective of their owners. They can read social cues – it’s part of their DNA. They have an instinct to protect their owner from any threat. Your rapport with the owner helps to signify to the dog that the situation is friendly. That it’s okay. The owner gives ‘permission’ for you to say hello to the …show more content…

It’s really important to manage the customer’s expectations at this point because they don’t want any surprises when they come to collect their dog

• Let the customer know when to collect their dog and provide an estimate of how much the charge will be, especially if it’s going to cost more than normal

During your dog grooming training, your instructor will have taken you through all the steps of a pre-grooming consultation. Hopefully, you’ll also have had a chance at some role-playing under your instructor’s supervision.

The importance of the pre-grooming consultation cannot be underestimated. You don’t get a second chance at a first impression.

Engage the customer pleasantly but also be professional and serious when inspecting their dog. This will give your customer confidence that you care and that you’ll do what is best for their dog and that you have the skills and abilities for it.

They need to trust you because their dog is very important to them. They want the best for their dog, which is why they have come for grooming. And they have come to you. So make sure you repay the honour of having been selected by them with this great

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