Should Dogs Be Allowed In The Workplace Essay

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Dogs are man 's best friends, but that does not mean they should go everywhere with us, especially our workplace. Dogs can cause bad things if we allow them in our workplace. Dogs can also leave a lot of shedded hair around the workplace if not groomed before coming to work. If dogs are allowed in the workplace they could cause a distraction they will need attention and they are scary.
One reason dogs should not be allowed in the workplace is because they are a distraction. In the article “No I do not Want to Pet your Dog” Farhad Manjoo states”A half-dozen people were crowding around him cooing and petting”. Instead of working people would be petting all the dogs that are at their work. Bosses will not pay people who just sit around all day pet dogs and do no work. “The dog is sure to come around you get between your legs, rub against your thigh, take a nap on your feet.” Farhad Manjoo, “No I do not Want to Pet your Dog”. Dogs never sit still unless trained properly or chained up, they have too much energy. The owners of the dogs have to …show more content…

The article take your dog to work exclaims “ Researchers there found having a dog in the room can even make human colleges more cooperative”. However this could never be an accurate experiment because they are not the same people in each group. Some people are shier than others and everyone reacts differently in every situation. There for their experiment is invalid because too many variables are being changed.
If dogs were allowed in the workplace they could cause a lot of problems. Ask a dog owner if they agree if dogs should be allowed in the workplace everyday. If we allow dogs in the workplace everyone who is allergic or have allergies would not be able to work there. Do our workplaces need your dogs or anyones dogs fur on the carpet or anywhere else so janitors have a harder job cleaning. Dogs do not belong in our

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