Persuasive Essay About Pets

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Imagine coming home after a tough day and being greeted at the door by your furry four-legged friend wrapping itself around your legs with a smile from ear to ear. There is no doubt that pets bring about bundles of joy, but dogs also provide stress relief, motivation to get active, lessons on responsibility, as well as another reason to smile on a daily basis. We all want the best for our kids; it is obvious that owning a dog has never-ending positive impacts on a child’s life. Owning a dog reduces stress, teaches responsibility, encourages exercise, and provides unconditional love to our beloved children. Despite chasing your dog around the neighborhood or cleaning the carpet after an accident, pets provide kids with unconditional comfort …show more content…

When having a pet in the house it provides motivation to get active. Kids are encouraged to go play outside with their beloved pets and adults are encouraged to exercise the pets such as going on walks or throwing the ball outside. Studies from the UK and Australia “have found links between dog ownership and increased physical activity and healthier BMI in children, though this most recent study didn't find such a correlation”. Pets can serve as workout partners for all the obligors that rely on something to keep themselves motivated. Picture waking up one morning and not feeling the six mile jog you told yourself you would do the previous night. However as you sit up in your bed and look over to see your dog sitting so politely with those big puppy dog eyes. There is no choice but to put your tennis shoes on and tire out your cute little pooch before leaving for work. Most people let the big responsibility of a dog lead them to miss out on the opportunity to own such a wonderful pet. However kids learn the most important aspects of responsibility when taking care of a pet and can create life long memories from having a furry little friend at home. Having a four-legged friend that pees, poos, and tears toys apart can become life lessons for young children. It teaches kids the responsibility of making sure the dog is fed twice a day, the yard is not covered in poo, and how to handle situations of losing a beloved stuffed animal because the dog thought it looked quite

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