Argumentative Essay On Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

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Pets have been apart of humans lives for centuries. Dogs have been known as a “man 's best friend” for good reason. Cats and dogs are among the most popular types of pets in the United States. *They both make great house pets, but dogs make better house pets than cats for all ages. Dogs are better for playing with, adapting to new environments, and are better protectors than cats. Dogs enjoy to be played with more than cats. Although cats enjoy to be played with at times; cats are much more nonchalant and antisocial. Cats enjoy sleeping and roaming on their own free will, and are much less attracted to playing with their owner. Especially as they get older, cats would not make a good pet for kids. On the other hand; a dog’s favorite thing to do is to play with its owner, and this is primarily why dogs make better companions with younger people. Younger kids love to play, and a dog can serve as a best friend to younger kids. A younger kid can play fetch with a dog for hours and have a great time, whereas a cat would not enjoy to play for long periods of time. Not only can a dog have …show more content…

Cats are not very big, or loud. If in the case of an intruder, a cat would not be much help as it could not be loud enough to either scare the intruder away or to wake the owner. Cats are far more likely to avoid any kind of danger coming their way, and most likely would not help ward off any unwanted threats. Dogs, on the other hand, can grow to be much larger than cats. Dogs are much more alert, and will bark or growl at anything they might see as a threat on the outside of the house. Even the smaller breeds of dogs, despite their size, are very alert to anything outside the home. can also be trained as guard dogs, and listen very keenly to any command the owner has for the dog. While possessing both control and size, a dog can be an extremely good guard for any house, especially if the owner could not protect

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