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Did you know there’s more than 500 million dogs and not one of them is the same? Dogs are different in more than 10 different ways. Every canine is different, you’ll never have two dogs that are the exact same. Personality, jobs they have, and the physical traits of their bodies are all differences a dog can have. How can dogs make lives of people easier? One job dogs do is run through fields of corn or hay and scare birds out. Once the birds are flying, hunters will then shoot them. The dog will pick up the dead bird and bring it to the hunter. Another hunting dog job is squirrel hunting. Dogs will pick up scent trails from squirrels and locate the squirrel in a tree. Then the hunter will, if they can see it, shoot the squirrel. Dogs also work with sheep on farms. Sheep dogs help corral sheep into pins or trailers. A fourth job for dogs is a seeing eye dog. Seeing eye dogs help blind people to know where they’re going and to protect them. Police dogs will help track criminals or sniff out drugs. They also help find lost people in wreckage of natural disasters. If a person is lost, then a police dog, normally, will help track that person. Dogs help out a ton with the …show more content…

Dogs all have canine teeth, but they come in different sizes. A mastiff could have very large teeth and a yorkie could have small teeth. All dogs have non retractable claws. This means a dog can’t make its claws go in and out like a cat can. Some dogs may be skinny, muscular, or even fat. Dogs vary on weight depending on what type of dog they are. A doberman pinscher is very muscular whereas a chihuahua is skinny. A pug normally has a sort of flat snout and a German shepard has a longer head/ snout. Dogs’ head shapes and sizes are all different. On the snout of dogs there’s a nose. This nose comes in different size depending on the size of the head. The dogs we have are so different in their own

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