Service Dogs During The Civil War

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With research on the usefulness of service dogs in dealing with many physical and emotional issues, their training has evolved over the years. Before the civil war, most dogs were used for house things like pulling sleds, protection, livestock, and guarding your yard." Until dogs were first used during the Civil War in 1863. In those times all kinds of dogs were used for service dogs" (Lanting Fred, June 2012). Like pit bulls, Bulldogs, and Bull Terriers. All of these dogs were used in the war because they were very strong and had good instincts and noses. "In the younger years of the service dogs also known as War Dogs were volunteered for the war effort and served with distinction."(Lanting Fred, June 2012). "During the Civil War service dogs were used for pulling carts, guard supplies, and …show more content…

But the relationship between man and dog has existed for as long as mankind. "For one simple reason the soldier is man and man and dog have been together from the time they stepped off the Ark together, if not before" (Lanting Fred, June 2012). These dogs helped the soldiers get through the war, they were the only family they had in the war. "There was a dog named Sally who was adopted in the 11th Pennsylvania Volunteers into the Battle of Gettysburg, where she served a moral boost to the soldiers" (Lanting Fred, June 2012). Dogs in the Civil War weren't just used for labor they were also used for Mascots. When the Eighth Wisconsin Infantry encamped an Indian gave an eagle(dog) to the soldiers and this symbolizes courage when the men marched. (Lanting Fred, June 2012) Even though dogs did save a lot of men it killed dogs at the same time. Being in the war brought great danger to the dogs. "Animal activist believe that the dogs

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