Persuasive Speech On Pitbulls

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Pitbulls should be treated like most other dogs, I do not like that the media and our local neighbors have given pit bulls a bad reputation. People always treat the Pit Bulls like they did something to us(as a whole breed.)What about all of these other dogs that have been known to viciously attack other people. People like to judge pitbulls, yet most people don’t know their background story, that some have saved lifes at one point in time. A lot of people think that all Pit bulls are bad, or will attack you. This is not always the case, this is just a stereotype the pitbulls have gotten over time. Pitbulls did not get this bad reputation until the late 1900s, but let’s go backtrack a little. For reference I will be using the amazing passage “The media and pitbulls” as a reference. In the passage “The media and pit bulls” it states that “other breeds of dogs can and do attack people, these incidents go umentioned in the news, even at the local level.”This some pretty rock solid proof that this is not fully the Pit bulls fault that they have this bad reputation. …show more content…

In fact they have had a great heroic background that would quickly change your perspective on Pit Bulls. The passage “Pit Bulls have not always had a bad rep” states that “Pit Bulls became a symbol of American pride, and their image was used on posters to recruit soldiers in World War 1.” the passage also states that “Stubby(A Pit Bull) was the unofficial mascot of the 102nd infantry division,) Stubby was also the inspiration of the K-9 corps. He saved his entire platoon from running into poison, so in the end Pit Bulls have not always had the bad reputation that they have

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