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The city of Las Vegas has an enormous population of bully breeds, in residences as well as shelters. Many people have a misunderstanding about the breed in my community, because of the influence of the media. Most statistics show that the bully breed plays a big role in deaths and attacks. Sadly, people fail to realize that it is not the breed’s fault; it is the owners. Pitbulls are taken advantage of by back yard breeders and bad owners, and the only thing these dogs want is to have a loving home. What makes these dogs different from others? In Las Vegas, the media will discuss at lease one attack or house raid, a month, which involves one or more American Staffordshire Terrier, “pitbull”. It’s very seldom that the breed gets recognized for saving a life or being a great companion. With all the negativity being publicized about these dogs, people start forming an opinion about them; without have any concrete reason as to why they think pitbulls are bad dogs. It is important that people are educated about this breed. They are not the dangerous and viscous dogs that their reputation falsely accuses them of. There is no reason that these dogs should be dying because of lack of knowledge or ignorance. Discussions about pitbulls usually are associated with deaths and attacks. People, and the media, love to throw in …show more content…

The number one reason that there are so many aggressive pitbulls is because of how they are raised. History shows that pitbulls were bread to be the strong and protective dogs they are today. Bad owners feed into that and make them aggressive, while good owners train them and socialize them as much as possible. I know first hand, that a pitbull that was once used as a fighting dog can be trained and socialized with consistency, and no longer be aggressive toward other dogs or people. The way an owner raises their dog, will not only affect them, but

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