Informative Essay On Pitbulls

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The supposed dangerous breed, the Pit bull, has been in the news, media, and been the center of dog attacks in america since the beginning of 20th century (Hiding the Truth, 2016). Labeled as killers, these dogs have a history that is unknown by many. The killer breed isn’t even a breed at all (Hiding the Truth, 2016). Pit bulls are a group of dogs with the same signature body that most Pit Bulls have. The American Kennel Club does not recognize Pit bulls a breed but rather as a grouping of dogs with similar features to that of an American Pit bull Terrier (Hiding the Truth, 2016). The name Pit Bull actually comes from the ring itself. These fighting rings are originally what gave Pit Bulls the bad name by turning their image into these aggressive …show more content…

Baiting was outlawed in 1835, which caused people to start setting their dogs off on each other. This cruel treatment wasn’t outlawed until 2008 (ASPCA, n.d.). This rough past is the only thing people go off of when they look at a Pit Bull. Little do they know that these dogs are just loyal to their masters and want to please them. They were not bred to attack their families but for a cruel sport that humanity has created (Johnson, 2012). The Pit Bull used to be known as the “nanny dog” back in the early 1900s (Johnson, 2012). They were thought to be protective over their families and would even protect the children while the parents where away. Several other dogs in history have also been Pit Bulls. During the Civil War, Sallie, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier grew up among the men of the regiment (Pit History, 2016). She was separated from her unit at the Battle of Gettysburg but returned to the battle line at Oak Ridge (Pit History, 2016). She stood guard over the dead and wounded (Pit History, 2016). She was eventually found and brought back to her unit (Pit History,

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