Pitbulls Should Be Banned Essay

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Pitbulls are being unfairly banned because of what people say about their breed. They should get the same chance as any other in the world. they shouldn't be judged by their name. Here’s why, they will not snap if they are not abused and neglected. there is no evidence that banning them is going to make communities safer.Pitbulls are good pets if you train them. Pitbulls can be really good if you need something to watch over and protect your kids from strangers or even other animals that you think may be a threat.

People may say, “Pitbulls could be a loveable pet then snap into a vicious dog”. This is not true because if you are good to your Pitbull it will love you and protect you for the rest of its life. Most cases of pitbull bites in the …show more content…

They have banned them in multiple communities but other dogs have kept the bite numbers up and the Pitbulls being taken away just didn't help(“Pitbull”). They banned pitbulls in Miami-Dade county Florida but they still record over 800 illegally owned Pitbulls a year (“Pitbull”). No matter what you do to ban Pitbulls they are still going to be brought in and kept as pets. They are saying Pitbulls are vicious but all of their bites get reported because they are big but statistics show that Chihuahu’s bite more than Pit bulls but it just isn't taken seriously because they are small and don't bite hard. BSL is something that makes people feel more safe but there is no evidence that it is a good …show more content…

Pitbulls have been used for fighting for years so now people believe they are naturally aggressive but they are the same as any other dog. If you train them and work with them they can be great pets. The owner just has to take responsibility (“Pitbulls:”). Some Pitbulls are killed as soon as you bring them in the shelter although they could still be a good family dog but no one will give them a chance just because of their breed (Lisa). The number of bites does not show the likelihood of a bite so if there are 10 Pugs and 100 Pitbulls in a town and all the pugs bite and 20 pitbulls bite that means 100% of pugs bite and 20% of pitbulls bite. Small animals can be just as aggressive as any

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