Why Should Pitbulls Be Banned

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Should pit bulls be banned? Pit bulls should not get banned. Pit bulls are like any other dog. Several people are more aggressive than pit bulls. Think about it this way, some humans are awful and some humans are great. It works the same way for pit bulls, some are good and some are bad. Pitbulls should not get prohibited. The first reason is that pit bulls are not the only dogs that are vicious or bite. The the second reason is that the BSL does not make communities safer. First off, pit bulls are not the only dogs that are vicious or bite.“There are about 78 million dogs in the United States, meaning less than 17% of dogs bite less than 1.4% and kill less than 0.00001% of the US population.” states Lindsy Marchello, Brian Hare, Vannessa Woods, and United States Burau. It is important to know this because discrimination should not happen against dogs just because they are at the top of the list for being brutal. People need to remember that not all of them are like that. Not all pit bulls are mean. If they are being vile to humans, they need to remember that they might be attacking them because they feel threatened by them. …show more content…

What is BSL? BSL targets specific dog breeds and places stricter regulations on these dogs or even makes ownership of them illegal. “In 1990 when pit bulls were banned in Winnipeg, Canada, Rottweiler bites immediately increased. When the city changed the law in 2000 to be breed-neutral, all dog bites decreased” states the ASPCA. So, this means that pit bulls are not the only dog that bites. After banning them several other dogs started biting more. And even after they let humans own them all dog bites decreased. It is important that people do not stereotype pit bulls. This paragraph helped prove the overall claim of this paragraph because pit bulls are not the only dog that bites a

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